Emily Brown Art

Art can stop you in your tracks and make you want to stare, concentrate and savor the moment. That is the goal for each piece of art I create. I want to inspire the viewer by pushing the paint to see what it can do, what it wants to do, sometimes coaxing it to look like another medium altogether. My mixed media technique is unconventional. Instead of artist brushes, I often use my hands. Instead of one medium, I use several including charcoal and paper. While I find joy in color and layering, I also like the starkness of innocent lines and untouched spaces. My art, like my life is ever changing and evolving from one stroke to the next. One canvas to the other. One day to the next. I usually work on several pieces at a time. Interchanging them from my easel as inspiration strikes until the moment their transformation is complete and they are ready for you to enjoy.

-Emily Brown